Excited to announce that we will be opening the Spring 2018 Style Fashion Week runway show, Sunday October 15th at the Pacific Design Center.


The theme of the season is WATER!!

….and our collection is titled “INDIAN SUMMER: Sea, Sand, and Breeze!”

We’re so happy to be partnered with BEST Talent and the top models in America.

STYLE FASHION WEEK LA represents the best of the best in LA fashion, ranging from luxury resort apparel, to celebrity red carpet gowns, to some of the cutest kid’s fashion in the world.
Our goal at SITA Couture for Spring ’18 is to make you feel more connected to earth and comfortable in your style.
The subtle handloom weaves, made by natives in my father’s village, are seamlessly woven into your pieces for SS18 to keep you reminded of your true creative essence.

Loving how these native weaves are seamlessly integrating into our INDIAN SUMMER 2018 collection.

Doors open 3pm– Show starts at 5pm
~Food and Drinks available~

Fashion Week runway show, Sunday October 15th at the Pacific Design Center.

Buy your Tickets Now


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A Family Affair

I grew up as the daughter of an organic farmer.
A big part of my life was waking up with the sun, planting, watering, growing, and harvesting.
My dad is not only a farmer, he’s an entrepreneur.
Everything he does has purpose and is connected to earth, family, and sustainable healthy living.
He’s always been this way growing up and has only become more passionate about all of the above.
He taught me about business and mindset….blended Native American teachings with motivational audios from Tony Robbins, Dennis Waitley, and others….he taught me about conscious capitalism and how to treat people.
What I didn’t realize until recently was how much his business, and how I was raised, impacted mine.
Growing up we lived our lives in a continuous cycle or planting and harvesting,  and that is exactly what we do at SITA Couture but with fashion instead of farming
I recently went Mexico to visit my dad where he runs his ranch Tierra Viviente (Living Earth) and has a lovely quaint restaurant in the center of Uruapan called Los Organicos.
I hadn’t been down there in years, and definitely not since the expansion of his factory and opening of the new restaurant. It was exhilarating to see my little brothers running the restaurant and explaining to me about the next harvest of quinoa and charcoal, knowing deep in my soul the great training they were getting.
I was equally as excited when we finally made out to visit the native artisans of the area where I was in search of a way to incorporate my indigenous roots into SITA Couture and share some of the stunning craftsmanship that is not only a part of my back round but also a huge inspiration in everything I do.
Mission accomplished!
As our next collection will have these stunning hand loomed fabrics seamlessly woven in bringing me back full circle to the people I was raised with and a way of life I’ve always embraced.
Please enjoy this short little video as I take you through a bit of my dads world in Mexico where’s he brings native seeds and farmers together via agrobiodiversity and permaculture, while simultaneously  actively fighting along side the environmental leaders of Mexico to keep GMO seeds out his region and battle Monsanto at every corner.
Lovers of our earth and the ones who take an active stand against the machine are the ones who ensure the future of our planet and teach others how to be empowered in the face of diversity.
I can only hope to be a fraction of this on my journey…
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Lacy Loves to Travel!


The perfect “go everywhere” dress!
A gorgeous piece that travels well and can be worn in so many ways.
She comes with an adjustable separate mocha slip that creates a beautiful contrast.  The slip can also be worn on its own! Just in time for the heat, Lacy doubles as a beach cover for that perfect summer statement. Made of recycled nylon lace, she dries quickly and is perfect for anything under the sun and everything water. Her 3/4″ length bell sleeves give a free-flowing look leaving you comfortable and confident! Twill tape silver beaded drawstrings create a unique keyhole closure that adds a touch of fun.

Sita takes Lacy on a test drive at the beach in Nassau, Bahamas. Ladies, we’ve proven it to be true- Lacy is the hottest bathing suit cover this summer! Ditch the slip for your day at the beach, or pack it with you to go from water to land in a matter of seconds, and still look darn good doing it!
Lacy recently spotted in South Africa on safari worn by the beautiful heart and soul, Kiara Belen from America’s Next Top Model.

Summer intern Whitney Whitehead livin’ it up in Lacy at Santa Monica!  Enjoying the summer breeze on the porch of the historic guest house at the Annenburg Community Beach House.

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Caribbean Couture

We’re just back from the Caribbean, a place that felt like home! We met and collaborated with the island’s top spa and wellness professionals,  and very happy to announce that SITA Couture will soon be available in many Caribbean locations.  Our flowy and comfortable styles made of fabrics that allow the skin to breath were definitely a hit.

This show in particular was focused on health and wellness, with a workshop for the spa practitioners on breast health lead by Touch Therapy expert Christine Clinton. Christine’s work and dedication to her practice moved us all.

We’re not going to get into a heated debate about underwire bra’s but I think we can all attest to the role comfort plays in our state of being.


In a recent study we did amongst ourselves and w/ a few of our customers, we replaced traditional bra’s for our bandau’s, tops and dresses that are doubled or have built in shelf, or our new bralette.

We found that 95% of the women (including our full staff), reported not missing the tight and or/underwire bras in the least. The “ah ha” moment came when we understood that feeling comfortable was also letting our breast lymphatic system be free. Comfort equated to better health? Imagine that.

Once made aware, I don’t know a single woman who would disagree that freeing the nipple is not just a catchy phrase but also a healthy choice. Before this more thorough understanding of breast health shown to us by Christine, we already had numerous styles in our collection designed for breast comfort and freedom from the restraints of the tradition bra. With our new found awareness, and in collaboration with the amazing Christine Clinton, you can look forward to even more designs embracing breast health and comfort, and all in great style.




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American Spa Magazine & Maggy Jams

We are excited to share that we’re on the cover American Spa Magazine this month!

Maggy Dunphy, Director of Loma de Vida Spa & Wellness (La Cantera Resort, San Antonio) partnered with us to create a collection of lounge-wear that goes beyond the traditional options. Maggy Jams express glamour’s answer to lounge-wear!

Introducing the Maggy Jams… Sleepwear for the modern woman by SITA Couture!

And “yes,” they were inspired by the wonder woman herself, Maggy Dunphy.

Loma de Vida Spa & Wellness is a renowned destination for self-healing that aspires to create a genuine wellness experience. Click here to learn more about this awesome property that SITA Couture is now an integral part of.

Another article we loved from this issue of the American Spa Magazine was written by our friend Michael G. Tompkins on the significance of ceremony in the work space. After reading Michael’s article we realized how much it spoke to us, but how little ceremony we actually practice in the work space. So today itself we will be honoring Michael’s article by having a little party/ceremony for our fantastic web tech’s birthday. He doesn’t know yet, but that’s okay. Click here to read Michael’s article in full! Hopefully you’ll be inspired to create more ceremony in your work space as well.

Maggy Jams, celebrating comfort and style!

The kind of pajamas you’ll never want to take off!

Resort living is 365 nights a year in Maggy Jams

Click here to read the full blog review on Maggy Jams


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Fulfillment at WBENC Nationals

Just back from Vegas where we attended the National Conference for Women’s Business Enterprise National Council! We connected with many of our mentors and fellow women entrepreneurs, while also bonding with many new ones. The highlight of the conference was literally everything; the amazing coincidences, our meetings being on point, wonderful new projects underway…. and all with tons of high energy and fun. We had a gorgeous desert photo shoot on our way home that you have to check in our gallery below. The Earth Mermaid Mini was really a hit!

55 years in business and still as spunky as ever, owner of Smead, Ebba Hoffman!

The gentlemen of WBENC Nationals, Tony Gladney (Vice President of National Diversity Relations, Corporate Diversity, and Community Engagement) and Cecil Plummer (President of WRMSDC).

Had to stop by the Designs by Decor booth to see the inspiring and beautiful Rhonda Jackson!

Couldn’t leave Vegas without saying thank you to our favorite mentors, Charlene Cummings Hesketh (President at Photomation) and Kathy Dawson (CEO of Dawson and Dawson)!

Wrapped up our road trip with a shoot in the Mojave desert with our national swimming star and summer intern, Whitney Whitehead. A stunning aqua Earth Mermaid on the sand!

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Communal Living – leading the way!

When most people think of the word “sustainable community”, they likely think of a bunch hippies sitting around eating organic vegetables from their garden, milking goats, having babies at home, soaking in mineral hot tubs and probably cooking on wood burning stoves and living in tipi’s. These community’s are out there and as many of you know are close to my upbringing . The hippie commune is definitely the root of sustainable community, but the modern day sustainable communities are all that and so much more! There are actually over 192 sustainable communities in the United States alone that are leading the way and showing us all how its done today.

What is a Sustainable Community? The key words here are sustainable: avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance, and community, a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. So sustainable communities are a place where people with the common respect for our planet and their well being come together to create a larger presence and feast in a higher state of living … together. These community’s may be started by one individual who has the vision, but it’s run by and upheld by the people who have come together in common vision.

Back in March, the ever awesome Green Spa Network brought us on a post show exergen to this amazing sustainable facility just north of Atlanta, known as Serenbe Organic Farm and Sustainable Community.

Serenbe is a place where small town living meets big city amenities… all while being off the grid. The New York Timescalls it an “ utopian experiment in new urbanism”. And I would have to agree. The smiles on our faces are definitely a reflection of perfection. The power of conscious community stimulates us on a cellar level as a result of the 360 degree intelligence that satisfies our whole human. Serenbe is truly a reflection of sustainability attained. The Serenbe vision started back in 1991 when founder Steve Nygre and his wife came across the property that Serenbe now sits on. The two were instantly inspired and today over 400 residents call this land home. We had the privilege of going on a personal tour given by Steve. It was a joy to have the founder himself share his story and his awesome realized vision !

While touring through Nygrens masterpiece, we had an enlightening realization about just how attainable authentic living really is. Although it may not be feasible for everyone to pick up and move to a sustainable farm community, there are subtle changes that we can all make on a daily basis to improve our well being and become more engaged with life, our community, and our earth. I came back and started a little garden and brought about eight new plants into the home space and started composting. This may seem little but being engaged with life means thinking about all of the choices that we are making on a daily basis. From the food we eat, to the thoughts we keep, to the products we buy… everything in our environment is a direct reflection of how engaged we are. It was exciting to be inspired by Serenbe and to experience this lifestyle as a community. Better yet, it was stunning to see people creating this lifestyle for themselves.

Thank you beautiful Serenbe for making your dream come true and sharing it with the world, truly inspiring!

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Last week we wrote about the power of the color red, and this week we’ve been invited to participate on the runway to support the very important Red Dress Fashion Show & Health Expo. The Red Dress symbol became the national icon for heart disease and stroke awareness in women. Yes, indeed, red is the color of the vibrancy that pumps through the hearts of passionate people who help make great things happen!! With the support of the American Heart Association, Go Red For Women has successfully saved over 627k lives and has raised $46 million for this worthy cause. Wow!! The stunning Mission Inn Resort Historical landmark is a huge supporter of this cause. We will be walking in the SITA Couture Rosie Red collection that the Mission Inn has ordered in honor of the Red Dress movement. It’s fantastic to realize the power of what this organization has pulled together, and it’s an amazing honor to be participating in such an incredible movement alongside with the Mission Inn Spa and Resort.

If you happen to be in town, please come by to support and enjoy this meaningful and exceptional event…Thank you!

Info for the Red Dress Fashion Show in Riverside, California

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Steal the Spotlight Draped in Elegance

Cupid has struck, and we can’t take our eyes off Elih…

With her open back, flirty length, and sassy style!

The ultimate go-to year round little black (or ivory) mini.  Her A-line front made of jute, and her cowl draped open back make her this month’s Season of Love’s suggestion…
She can be layered with leg warmers underneath and a long sleeve top when its chilly!  Pair her with flats, sandals, or high heels!

We love her worn with a black or contrast color criss-cross bra, or our matching bandeau option!
Partner this versatile dress with our Lucy Zip Up Hoodie for a spunky style for a fun night on the town, or, with our Kimba Leggings wearing Elih as a tunic!
Whether you prefer being draped in Black or Ivory, embrace your inner style princess!
Elih is apparently also the perfect mother daughter lunch date dress as well.
Thank you for your sweet email Cynthia! We loved it:
Dear Sita, My  daughter was wearing your Elih mini one day and I mumbled how I’d never wear it but that it was the cutest dress I’d ever seen. The next week a black one appeared in my mailbox from yours truly. I put it on and I was surprised with how much I loved it on me. So comfortable. The back drape hit in just the right spot The next week I met my daughter for lunch wearing my new dress, and yes, you guessed it, she was wearing hers!  I never could have imagined that I would look and feel so great in a style my 25 yr old daughter literally encompassed.  We had so much fun that day.  Thank you from our heart to yours,
Cynthia McCormick

Sexy and comfy never looked so good!

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Don’t Have A Dude?


Times are a’changing! Nowadays you can wear the same backless dress as your daughter, love yourself first, eat chocolate without guilt, AND not feel like a left out sauerkraut if you don’t have a Valentines date. Gal’entines Day is all the rage and becoming just as cool as Valentines Day, maybe cooler. Rumor has it that girlfriends have even turned down dates with their guys in order to celebrate the with gals. We loved this and wanted to share!

If you’re looking to stay in, why not have you best girlfriend’s over for a popcorn and movie night? You could also host an arts and crafts night, creating Valentine’s for your family and friends!

Want to get out of the house? Attend a wine and canvas class, go bowling, take a pottery class, see a play or musical, or sing your heart out at a karaoke bar! The options are endless!

Sweat it out! Find a group exercise class, take aerial yoga, or hike to a waterfall.

There is nothing wrong with hopping on the bandwagon sometimes! Especially when it’s to join in on Gal’entine’s Day…or better yet, creating one! We love BuzzFeed’s sweet suggestions! Let us know what you did!

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“I’m working on myself, for myself, by myself.” 

LA Yoga Magazine always has such great articles, we love this magazine!

This article, written by Dr. Siva Mohan, on Self Care Rituals particularly struck a strong cord and we wanted to share it with you.
This article on self-care hits all the aspects of self responsibility.  If you read it well, you will walk away KNOWING that your highest duty in life is your love for yourself.
Your most important mission is to embrace and learn the ways that you can best serve yourself and your journey.
“Often times, we don’t set aside enough time to care for ourselves. Nurturing our bodies, as well as our souls, is essential!” Read the full article: HERE
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What do superheroes and SITA have in common? ……
They both wear capes!

Our Ilona Cape is making her debut as our signature statement piece. She goes perfect with every outfit and for every occasion. Whether you are running errands or enjoying a ladies night out, she will keep you feeling like a glamorous superhero! Click HERE to shop Ilona now. She’s ready to make her way into (or should we say around) your arms!



We are excited to announce that SITA Couture will be available at the beautiful Mission Inn Hotel & Spa! Located in Riverside, California, it is the diamond of the Inland Empire! From beginning as a twelve-room boarding house to the now stunning Spanish luxe-style hotel, it is packed with history and breathtaking views. We are honored to become part of the Mission Inn Hotel & Spa family!


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Reach for the SKY


Roses are red
Violets are blue.
This Sky mermaid hoodie
is just for you..

Red is the color of fire, passion, focus…and now the Sky Mermaid hoodie too! Many of you have her in every color, because you can never have too many Sky’s. Now here’s one more for the road. For those of you that don’t know about the Sky Mermaid Hoodie, she’s one of our core styles. Ralph Lauren has the Pollo, SITA Couture has the Sky Mermaid.

The Sky Mermaid Hoodie represents casual luxury and elegance, that can be dressed up or down!

Drape the soft hood over you and feel as free on earth as a mermaid feels in the water

From our Earth Mermaid collection, Sky is that everyday go-to hoodie that never stops making you feel and look amazing! We’re talking about the Sky Mermaid Hoodie in this article, but the Earth Mermaid Collection has 4 other beauties.

Explore your element here:

Earth Mermaid Mini

Emery Mermaid Midi

Lauren Mermaid Maxi

Sky Mermaid Hoodie


It’s all in the details

This modal hoodie exudes a rustic feel, with a raw trim finish and a kangaroo front pocket.

The empire bust line and the hood are doubled for extra coverage and functionality

A plunging V-neck creates a subtle sexiness in 9 different colors

Go out on the town day or night and embrace your inner mermaid!

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Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds!~

              Every one loved Lucy in black, fawned over her in white, and now she’s sure to put diamonds in your sky and rubies in your eyes in a brightly-blazing red. Lucy is bold, beautiful, and bright. Her name derives from lux, the Latin word for light. Our Lucy also takes inspiration from one of the brightest stars in history, Lucille Ball, who lit up our living rooms with humor, love, and her radiant auburn locks. We’d be lying if we said Lucy doesn’t also owe a little something to a certain Beatles song… 

Our Lucy is just as unique as her namesakes. She sparkles with sturdy silver hardware and premium YKK zippers, while delicate details like hand-smocked sleeves and ribbed arm welts/ waistband give her a flirty flair. An organic modal lining, faux fur trim, and detachable hood make Lucy luxurious, yet ultra cozy.
Just like all our pieces, Lucy is 100% made in LA using sustainable, eco-friendly fabrics. She is the culmination of a year of hard work, loving attention to detail, and fearless creativity. We are so pleased to share her with the world, and we’re sure that you’ll love Lucy too!

The holiday cheer doesn’t stop there! We can’t forget all of the love that our classic Sky Mermaid Hoodie has received over the years, so what better way to express our gratitude than to share with you all two new festive colors, Ruby Red & Granite.

Shop Lucy & Sky HERE.




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TEDx LA City Experiment at Palihouse WeHo w/ Beyond the Label


Did you know that fashion is the 2nd most polluted industry on the planet?  SITA Couture gathered with other Los Angeles based sustainable designers, TEDx LA, and Taryn Hipwell (founder of Beyond the Label), to raise awareness around the “power of our purchase.”


An evening of celebrating with companies that give back and manufacture in the US


SITA Couture superstar, the unstoppable Tamara Mena, supports fashion sustainability

Big thanks to Palihouse for hosting and bringing awareness to our fashion capital!

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The Run-Up to the Pop-Up! ~SITA Couture takes Manhattan

SITA Couture is very excited to announce that we will be participating in’s Pop-Up 2016 in Manhattan this December!

When: December 7-11 (12/7: VIP/Press night, 12/8-12/11: Holiday Shopping)

Where: 60 10th Ave, Manhattan

What: This amazing 5-day event features 20,000 sq. ft. of the most stylish and innovative Fancy brands in a stunning, “museum-esque” showcase. Can’t wait to start dreaming up how we’ll use our totally customized installation space in this gorgeous building.

fancy event location
60 10th Avenue, Manhattan, NY

…Not to mention how enthusiastic we are to bring a slice of our elegant, laid-back California lifestyle looks to the hustle and bustle of New York chic. Stay tuned for more details about our bicoastal fashion adventure — NY here we come!

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~ Spa-sitively Amazing! ~ Organic Spa Magazine 2016

“Wellness is no longer a trend, it’s a style of life”~ Rona Berg

Wellness creates beauty, and together, they create the journey of love. The 2016 ‘Organic Spa Magazine Event’ was magical, overflowing with creative passions, collaborations and unions.
SITA Couture, the apparel brand of the evening along with the collaborating sister companies,  enriched the vibe of the event with high energy and introductions to new authentic ideas uplifting women’s beauty via the best fashion and wellness products in the industry.
When you combine the expertise, experiences, and careness coming from all the energies of these individuals participating in this evening, you get movement, you get confidence, and you make people feel good about who they are and how they represent themselves. Continuing to make initiatives to educate yourself about what’s important, honoring your emotions and recognizing legacy, is a continued commitment that the leaders of this enlightened gathering expressed. Enjoy life with wisdom and authenticity, and don’t forget that everything is beautiful.
Below are related links to the event and the inspirational advocates that were involved:
Respected media veteran like Rona Berg, former editor of Elle Magazine and founder of Organic Spa Magazine, in her evolution from commercial beauty expert to creator of a media outlet fully dedicated to wellness and sustainability.
 Lovely ladies, Jane Swartz and Kristin Vukovic of Organic Spa Mag
Jane Swartz and Kristin Vukovic of Organic Spa Mag.
All smiles with Rianna Riego of Two Bunch Palms Resort
All smiles with Rianna Riego from the award-winning Two Bunch Palms Resort.
Lifestyle blogger Audrie Segura, representing millennials and leading the way for cause-driven and responsible brands.
Felicia Tomasko of LA Yoga Mag and blogger Jacqueline Smith spending quality time with BLANK the Yoga Dog
Felicia Tomasko of LA Yoga Mag, blogger Jacqueline Smith, and LuLu the Yoga Dog.
Gorgeous Kimberly Snyder stops by to chat after the panel
Kimberly Snyder, author of the New York Times bestwseller, The Beauty Detox Solution.


Beauty besties, Stacy Cox of KTLA and Romy Schorr of RomyRaves, sourcing new eco brands to share with their fans
Beauty besties, Stacy Cox of KTLA and Romy Schorr of RomyRaves, sourcing new eco brands to share with their fans.
A Tale of Two Chi Chi’s: Sara Paul of 5Carrots shows up in a SITA Couture classic, avocado Chi Chi Maxi Dress.
Big thanks to the man of the hour, Nate Hancock, who provided the beats that kept us grooving steady all night long.











Rebekah Shannon of Darling Mag, enjoying a blissful sunset in her new SITA Couture Paws.
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YOU’RE INVITED- Beyond the Label & SITA Couture ~ A Sustainable Fashion Show!

Attention all fashion, beauty, and sustainable lovers-alike!

Join SITA Couture and our brand partner, Beyond the Label, for

a fashion show event at the Historic Women’s Club in Santa Monica.

Entry is free but you MUST rsvp to attend.

This is a BIG event with many celebrity guests, so make sure you let us know if you’re coming,

& bring your friends!- You won’t wanna miss this 🙂

Event details & RSVP HERE.


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~ Maggy Jam Madness ~


Introducing… the ever-so-snuggly Maggy Jams.

The only versatile pajama set that you can wear in any setting, bed or beach!

V-neck, keyhole closure, babybell sleeves, 4″ side slits.

Comes in White, Aqua, & Khaki.



#fashion #womensfashion #sitacouture #lifestyle #sustainable #ecofriendly #love #style #lastyle #madeinla #shoplocal #maggyjam #pajamas #pajamaset #beach #beachgirl #friends #beachvibes

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Celebrate fashion, music, and talent with SITA Couture & BESTalent! ~

Join us for a dazzling night of good music, great food, and even greater TALENT! SITA Couture will be headlining our second BESTalent Dinner & Fashion Show, and if you attended our first one, you know you will not wanna miss this.

Invite your friends, family, and loved ones for an all-age event that will not only include a marvelous dinner and musical entertainment, but also a show that will be the talk of the century, featuring brands like Kimora Lee Simmons, MonnaLisa, and of course, SITA Couture!

All information and links to tickets below:



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Life, Liberty, & the Pursuit of FASHION! ~

made in america sale

~ Let’s party like it’s 1776! ~ 

The 4th of July holiday is one that is close to our hearts because we are so passionate about ensuring that all of our products are being designed and manufactured within the US.
Not only do we enjoy sourcing great fabrics for you,
but we also love that our workers and contractors are 
all in L.A,
making the production process that much more intimate while
simultaneously fueling our American economy!
We know this important to you too!
With that being said, we are offering all of our exclusive customers
30% off all redwhite, & blue items (aqua too!) storewide 🙂
use discount code: USA30 at checkout.

Let’s celebrate our freedom to shop! 


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Yoga Pop Sun

image (5)

        Buckle up, guys. This is going to be one eventful week. Sunday, June 19 is Father’s Day, followed by the 20th, marking the beginning of summer, then the 21st which is (drum roll please…) YOGA DAY! There are lots of yogis here at SITA Couture who love summer and have amazing male figures in our lives we want to express our gratitude towards.

        What do these 3 special days have in common? Well, they all signify doing what you love with people you love who make you happy. We want to take some time to celebrate the influential men in our lives during this Father’s Day. This could be a relative, a friend, a mentor— any male who influences you in a positive way. As much as we praise and empower women with everything we do, we don’t want to forget how incredible our men are.

To celebrate these holidays, here’s our suggested game plan:

  1. What to Do

image (4)

        Some activities you can do this weekend with this special person include hiking, kayaking, a day at the beach, rock-climbing, maybe sky-diving or trying acro-yoga! Partner yoga is not only fun, but a great trust-building, bonding experience. All these activities are also ideal for the summer (heyyyyy shout out to Summer Solstice) as muscle movement is easier in a warm environment. If you’re looking for some yoga apparel, visit our yoga lounge.

       Not everybody has great relationship with their father figures… if you’re in a similar situation, jumping out of a plane with that person probably isn’t going to be your first choice. This’ll sound totally bizarre, but maybe assembling some IKEA furniture together might be a good start; share a bond of frustration over confusing instructions 🙂 If you want even baby-er baby steps, give them a call, send them a framed photo of both of you together or bring them their favorite food/snack. Even small gestures after such a long time of distance can mean everything.


2. What to Eat

        What complements a fun-packed summer day of hiking, yoga, rock climbing or…pretty much anything? FOOD!!! Grab your man-buddy and invite him to make our healthy, easy and guilt-free recipe for a yummy biscuit with you. This recipe can be altered to be sweet, savory or remain plain. It makes a quick and portable snack that’s great before or after activities, on a picnic, or as a gift for someone. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the recipe and its ingredients. This. Stuff. Is. Delicious. I tried it with the rest of the SITA crew and it’s 100% SITA crew-approved.

What you’ll need~


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Grease a baking sheet.
  2. Place the rolled oats into a blender or food processor to grind it up into a flour consistency.
  3. Stir the oat flour together with whole wheat flour, salt and sugar in a bowl.
  4. **OPTIONAL** For some sweetness, add honey, cinnamon, shredded coconut, or chocolate chips. For a savory snack, add some ground black pepper, sea salt, or sunflower seeds. Feel free to customize it to your taste!
  5. Pour in the water and olive oil, and mix to form a soft dough.
  6. Place dough on a baking sheet and roll it out to 1/8-inch thick. Use a knife to partially slice through the dough in desired shapes.
  7. Bake in the preheated oven until just barely brown, (10-15 min.). Watch carefully, they can burn easily. Let them cool completely before breaking them along the score lines.

Hope you enjoy!

3. And Finally, What to Say

        Say ‘thank you’. In general, we don’t express gratitude on a daily basis or take all of our opportunities to appreciate the cherished people in our lives. If you can, at least make sure you dedicate this one day to doing it.


Happy Yoga, Pop, Sun… to EVERYONE!

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Voice of the Voiceless.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” -Martin Luther King, Jr.


       On behalf of Women Against Child Trafficking (WACT), we cordially invite you to the 2nd Annual WACT fundraiser happening this weekend. This is a charity that we support and feel very inspired to contribute to however we can.  The event is made for both your enjoyment and to raise money towards the organization’s efforts. SITA Couture will host a booth and a casual fashion show where our clothing will be auctioned off—the proceeds going towards Women Against Child Trafficking.

Saturday June, 18th 2016
Red Hill Country Club
8358 Red Hill Country Club Drive
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

*Event includes lunch, fashion show, entertainment, vendors, & raffles.
~Event ticket- $35~
For Tickets call: (626) 337-8161


Women Against Child Trafficking (ACT) works with the FBI and local police departments to stop the exploitation of women and children. The organization is comprised of several dedicated female leaders. Hats off to Hollywood celebrities like Mira Sorvino and Jada Pinkett Smith who are using their influence to raise awareness for this cause.

  • Currently an estimated 27 million slaves, internationally- the highest number of recorded slaves in history
  • 600,000-800,000 people are trafficked across international borders yearly
  • 80% are female and half are children
  • The U.S. Department of Justice estimated 14,500-17,500 of those people are trafficked within the US
  • In Los Angeles alone, immigration agents estimate that 10,000 women are being held in underground brothels
  • Riverside county is considered a trafficking hot spot

“You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.”   – William Wilberforce



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Women Crush Wednesday: Artemisia Gentileschi, One Phenomenal 17th Century Painter Who Overcame Her Brutal Past

(Self portrait of Artemisia)

Woman Crush Wednesday is a social media trend that will now be incorporated as a new SITA Couture blog segment where we commemorate, pay homage, or recognize women whose stories and accomplishments inspire us in profound ways. These women make us question: How can I be more authentic and true to myself? What secrets am I hiding that I myself am too ashamed to reveal? What creative outlet can I use to express what is lying dormant inside of me? How can my journeys, insights and experiences help contribute to this experience of life that we are all sharing together?

Our very first Woman Crush Wednesday is one of the most famous, yet most historically overlooked, female painters of the 17th century: Artemisia Gentileschi. I stumbled across her story one day on a personal blog and I was very moved. Her story is laced with abuse and violation in an era where chastity determined your future; this was a time when virginity was very much enforced and a lack of it, abhorred.

Not only did her art stand up to social stigma and suppression, but also artistic expression such as hers could have cost her life. The results of her expression are astonishing.  Artemisia did what no one else did in her time by painting women as how they realistically would be expressing themselves in scenarios where they were being violated vs. the submissive ornaments traditional painters would reflect their female subjects to be. Her father, legendary painter Orazio Gentileschi, not only fueled her artistic pedigree, but also encouraged her daughter’s freedom of expression; this was equally as rare in those days. What she endured is also still very relevant today.

At this point in time as well as today, women were treated as less than, so for her to be able to gain notoriety as a painter, one is able to see how influential and talented she really is. There is a lot of stigma on women regarding their sexuality in particular, so in turning her tragic experiences into art, she is able to transgress the typical role of women and make one for herself. This is completely inspirational for most people but especially for those that hold high regard for art. Yes, there is a stigma that artists must be in pain to truly create something substantial, but it is more of putting yourself into your art, whoever that may be, that creates good artwork – not pain. It is when you put your pain and other feelings into your art that you can create something great.

So here we have physical violation, social stigma and suppression mixed in with immense talent, a strong spirit and fearlessness. Her struggles with humiliation, sexual and physiological abuse, as well as accolades and triumphs — becoming a successful female artist in a rigidly male-dominant society against all odds that make her this Wednesday’s #WCW.

Here is her earliest known painting at 15-16 of Madonna and Child.

At 16 is when the abuse from her art tutor, Tassi, first began. He sexually and psychologically violated her and tried to convince her that if she revealed being abused by him, it would ruin her reputation. You can see in her work, a shift in subject matter; it became much more intense, but her fierce focus on authenticity remained the same. These years of sexual abuse are when she produced her most famous works. It is astonishing how we can create the most beautiful things during the darkest times. Looking at Artemisia’s work and how she refused to comply with oppression is staggering.  These things usually destroy someone’s psyche and unfortunately, it gets worse for her, but during this time, Artemisia painted this:

Depiction of the biblical story of Susanna

This is a more realistic scenario of the biblical story of Susanna, a young wife being sexually harassed. Notice how she does not portray Susanna as a coy and promiscuous female welcoming the males’ advances like other artists did.  She painted women’s response to male violence as suffering or repulsion, as they honestly would be. We can assume that she was able to do so because of her own experiences with the matter. Artemisia went against the tide and took a risk by painting Susanna in this manner. People did not want to buy a painting of a woman looking repulsed, nor did they want to acknowledge the truth. This depiction angered traditional artists, and could have resulted in punishment for deviance, but she did it anyway. This is especially blatant when compared to a similar painting depicting the same scenario four years previous to Artemisia’s work.

This is obviously an inaccurate portrayal in that the woman pictured does not look threatened at all by the men evidently attempting to rape her; there is even a dog in the background in between the woman and one of the men.

Tassi then manipulated her into a consensual sexual relationship with the false hope of their marriage. Since without her virginity, Artemisia was essentially damaged goods during this time, she truly had no choice but to submit to her rapist. Of course, as the terrible human being that Tassi was, he ended up marrying another woman whom he “acquired” by means of rape. Orazio took Tassi to court for raping his daughter, which was not considered a crime at the time, but exposed Artemisia for her lack of virginity. This resulted in a seven-month trial where Artemisia endured invasive vaginal examinations and torture with thumbscrews, while Tassi was not penalized. She was eventually accused of being unchaste, which injured her professional career. It is quite amazing to empathize with how she was still able to function and create such astonishing paintings while simultaneously going through something so crippling. But this is what art does — it finds its way out of the body in order to express, release, educate and share.

She created another renowned painting during this time:

Judith and her maid killing her oppressor

This is a scene of biblical character, Judith, and her maid killing her oppressor. Artemisia did not hold back on the gore and depicted the women as having actual intent to kill the man. From staring at her painting, I began picturing myself in Judith’s position–angry and starving for justice, just like she must have felt. Contrastingly, here is a painting of the same scenario by another, more traditional artist:

In this painting, Judith is detaching herself from the atrocity and seems disgusted by her actions. It is dramatically different from Artemisia’s version.

It took several years, but Artemisia remained unyielding and conquered her dark teenage years. She married, had children, and rebuilt her career, continuing to paint women who chose not to be pawns. She eventually found success by selling several commissions to nobles, aristocrats and renowned establishments, thus making the best out of her deplorable circumstances.

Not only did she ignore social norms to pursue her passions, but she also did not succumb to fear and violence. She used her talent as a voice against the heinous routine of oppression in an era where this could have cost her her life. Artemisia shows us is that even during the darkest times, you can still find a light. Through this grueling stage in her life, Artemisia’s character, spirit and inner-artist were challenged. In this case, the glow stick had to be broken in order to glow. During a time where most people would say ‘no’, back away, or be passive, Artemisia undertook this challenge and decided to tackle it head-on. Her already-remarkable talent became enhanced as her work transformed into outcries for justice in the form of skillful and mesmerizing brush strokes. 400 years later, her outcry is still being heard.

We are inspired and moved by Artemisia’s courage to shift her horror into marvelous art:  transforming, educating and moving all who learn about her and her journey

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Free to be

honoring heroes

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” – John F. Kennedy


womens pics a cause we love beyond the label

Powerful, heartbreaking, & eye opening….
Over the decades, the price of clothing has decreased, while human and environmental costs increase.
Here we find the importance of shopping locally and looking BEYOND the label.

“The promise of globalization was cheap goods for rich Westerners, and good jobs for the rest of the world. What’s happened instead is a fashion industry based on exploitation in which we’re all complicit.”

We can do better than this!

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BESTalent Group’s Dinner & Fashion Show feat. SITA Couture ~ You’re Invited!

YES! We have a reason to smile 🙂

We’re getting ready for our Spring catwalk on April 10th with Michelle Lyons’ BESTalent Group where she’ll be bringing together some of the BEST fashion talent in LA (Kimora Lee Simmons and POSH kids to name a few).

America’s Next Top Models are walking along side BESTalent’s super awesome newcomers, the BEST soul food in LA will be catering the dinner, and when we say some of the BEST musical talent in the city will be performing, we are not joking!

If you’re in town on April 10th, you love fashion, soulfood, and amazing music then YOU ARE INVITED!

Talking fashion and runway madness with former head of Barbazon West Coast, the dynamic Michelle Lyons!

Having too much fun creating the lineup for the show!

Can’t wait to see you there!

Our theme is going to be Carribean breeze. THE must have collection for the warm summer months to come. This collection promises to keep you fresh and vibrant through the new season!

The fashion show will also include a fantastic soul-food dinner prepared by Chef Marilyn, as well as musical stylings by some of the best musicians in the city!

Below is the invite for the event, as well as the link to where you can buy tickets! Hurry, pre-sale ends today and with a deal like this, you CAN’T miss out on this beautiful event 🙂

Buy Tickets Here!

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