Reach for the SKY


Roses are red
Violets are blue.
This Sky mermaid hoodie
is just for you..

Red is the color of fire, passion, focus…and now the Sky Mermaid hoodie too! Many of you have her in every color, because you can never have too many Sky’s. Now here’s one more for the road. For those of you that don’t know about the Sky Mermaid Hoodie, she’s one of our core styles. Ralph Lauren has the Pollo, SITA Couture has the Sky Mermaid.

The Sky Mermaid Hoodie represents casual luxury and elegance, that can be dressed up or down!

Drape the soft hood over you and feel as free on earth as a mermaid feels in the water

From our Earth Mermaid collection, Sky is that everyday go-to hoodie that never stops making you feel and look amazing! We’re talking about the Sky Mermaid Hoodie in this article, but the Earth Mermaid Collection has 4 other beauties.

Explore your element here:

Earth Mermaid Mini

Emery Mermaid Midi

Lauren Mermaid Maxi

Sky Mermaid Hoodie


It’s all in the details

This modal hoodie exudes a rustic feel, with a raw trim finish and a kangaroo front pocket.

The empire bust line and the hood are doubled for extra coverage and functionality

A plunging V-neck creates a subtle sexiness in 9 different colors

Go out on the town day or night and embrace your inner mermaid!

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